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I’ve recently purchased the Graftobain Hi-Def Glamour Cream foundations and Color correctors after hearing so many positive things about ’em and reading so many positive reviews and also have been recommended to buy them by Sarah Chaudry of– she’s a professional makeup artitst based in Singapore and she’s such a down to earth nature person…total sweetheart. She’s also got many youtube tutorials, you can check that out.

Back to the Graftobain Hi-Def Glamour Cream paletts, well they are nice and super creamy, easy to match anyones skin tone giving the wide range of colors that they have.  They have 2 different types of paletts, these are the smaller ones which contains 5 differnt color shades in each one and there are bigger ones as well. Which contains the entire range of Cool, Warm or Neutral colors per palette. 

I just bought the smaller ones with 5 tones each, to check out how it works for me. 

I feel that the coverage is rather sheer, one must use concealer to cover better.  Or, it’s good for people who doesn’t want much coverage or have fairly good skin naturally. 

They look very natural and beautiful though. I wish the coverage was better.

and for the color corrector…i simply loved it

You can see the swatches as below :

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