Goldilux Pigment from Sugarpill

This is the loose pigment from Sugarpill in Goldilux.  This is a beautiful gold color  pigment. They have several other colors, but I couldn’t hold myself back to try this one out.

 I really like Sugarpill, I have all of their pressed eye-shadows.  They are super rich in color. So, I thought to try the pigment as well.  Even though everytime you order something from them, they will send you a free sample of a different loose pigment.  I have a few of them now, as this was my 3rd purchase from them.  I have 3 samples of the loose pigment and full container of the Goldilux :D.

 Here is how it arrives in the mail.  It comes in a white box with their logo on it and fucia wrapping paper.


They give you several other little gifts e.g., loose pigment sample, sugarpill sticker (which you can use anywhere you like, it looks really cool) and some business cards and some photos etc etc.).

Here is how the Goldilux Packaging is.  

Goldilux from Sugarpill - loose pigment pic 2

Goldilux from Sugarpill - loose pigment pic 2

Here are the swatches of the Goldilux Pigment.


Goldilux from Sugarpill - loose pigment pic 3

Goldilux from Sugarpill - loose pigment pic 3

Link to Sugarpill (check them out) :

Makeup Trends in Summer 2011

Summer is right here, so is the desire for freshness and new colors; it is the time for everyone to fancy a new look. So, what are the hot color trends during this summer ??

Let’s bring all that bright makeup out from our makeup kits or invest in some new ones we may like. Most of us have some of these colors in our makeup kits already (weather it’s been in fashion or not). Many times, most woman can’t resist buying those beautiful fresh looking colors. I personally can’t!

This summer, everyone is using strong colors like red, coral or fuchsia.  Other bright colors that everyone can use are those beautiful tropical colors : purples, plums, blues, greens mixed with gold, bronze or sandy colors. You are sure to see most of these colors on almost all cosmetic counters right now.

Here are some of MAC’s Collections during  2011.

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Link to Hong Kong MAC :