How to Beautify your eyes

Don’t we all wonder how to make our eyes look attractive and sexy.  Sometime to impress our boy friend, husband or just to look good during an event or just to look pretty for no particular reason (but for ourselves).  

There are various ways to do it and most of all you have to practice and find the right technique that suits your needs. This is only a list of things from where you can pick a few tricks and use ‘em.


Always curl your lashes before wearing mascara


Use a light colored shadow near the inner corner of your eye


Use a flesh colored liner in the water line to give the your eyes the appearance of looking big. 

The flash colored liner looks more natural on medium-dark skins and white liner works pretty well for fair skin.


Define your eye-brows well.  Keeping your eye-brows properly defined and in shape opens up the whole eye area and makes the eyes really pop.


Cover up the dark circles around the eyes well using concealer.

Asian skins : use ‘yellow color’ based concealer

Caucasian skins or someone who has cool under-tone : use ‘pink or salmon color’ based


Only lightly dust the loose powder on. Avoid too much powder in this area, otherwise you end up looking cakey.


Use concealer on both top and bottom of the eyes. As Asian (medium to darker) skin tones tend to have heavier dark circles on the eye lids as well.


On special occasions or whenever you prefer you can wear false lashes.  They make the eyes look really exotic and gorgeous (especially the individual lashes). The strip lashes are easier to apply and where the individual lashes need more practice.


And, most important always smile and be happy that makes our eyes more beautiful then any make-up techniques on earth would.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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