Sexy Hot Red Lips

lipstick_matte_lady-dangerred lip 1red lip 2red lip 3red lip 4


I have tried and tested so many different reds for so many years and from so many different brands. Nothing has shocked me in the way Lady Danger from MAC had. I just bought this yesterday evening and I can’t seem to look at myself without having this pretty color on my lips. I simply LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! It’s a Tomato red and looks so pretty on my tanned skin (at least I think so…hehehehe).

I would highly recommend this red to people with tanned skin like mine. Not stating that it wouldn’t look nice on other skin tones…it would look equally good on everyone. It’s just rare to find such a pretty tone for tanned skins, which would make you look brighter rather than putting years to your face.
I have not worn any heavy makeup on my face and the pics are just taken with my phone just on the way to my workplace this morning. Below is the description to makeup I’ve worn on the rest of my face if you are interested to know. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

1. Liquid foundation mixed on my palm with my moisturizer and applied to my face.
2. Pressed powder then applied with a powder blush (very lightly).
3. Black mascara applied to my lashes.
4. And lips “lady danger” from MAC is applied.

Total time spent 3-4 minutes!!!

More pics below for your happy viewing :).

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