bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE (lip gloss – 70863 HIGH ROLLER)

Lip gloss is actually very nice, love the tingling and minty feeling that it gives when you put it on. Very refreshing and goes on very smoothly. The color is also great!!


The downfall is the packaging, it somehow leaks and leaving everything dirty and messy within seconds.  It’s very, very messy!

It doesn’t stop leaking, I have to keep on wiping it with tissue paper or sometimes I leave it wrapped in the tissue paper and find the tissue paper all moist after sometime.

I definitely cannot put it in my bag or the makeup kit.  So, I left it in my work drawer in a little tray which was then found all dirty and stained after a day.  Then I thought it would be wiser to make it stand so it won’t leak so easily, I stood it on my work table.  It stained my corkboard and the wall that covers the table 😥 too.