Gold and Emerald Green Eyes

Hello Beauties,

My very first video to go on youtube is gold and emerald green eyes.

I haven’t done a very good job by explaining things in proper details. Coz, I still haven’t got a hang of being infront of the camera yet.  I hope to improve in the coming up videos.

But, anytime any of you beauties need details on any of the products used, please feel free to ask.

List of things used :

Foundation : from CoastalScents ST-10 HD Foundation

Concealer : MAC NW35


Primer : White color from MUFE 12 Flash color kit

  1. Gold from Color Song,

2. Green from Mary Quant,

3. Loose pigment in Emerald Green (don’t know brand),

4. Highlight from Shu umera – it’s a very light beige color similar to MAC’s ricepaper.

5. MAC’s blacktrack gel eye-liner

6. Mascara from Revlon

7. False Lashes from MAC in #36

Lips : Peachstock from MAC on top NAR’S Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired

How to Beautify your eyes

Don’t we all wonder how to make our eyes look attractive and sexy.  Sometime to impress our boy friend, husband or just to look good during an event or just to look pretty for no particular reason (but for ourselves).  

There are various ways to do it and most of all you have to practice and find the right technique that suits your needs. This is only a list of things from where you can pick a few tricks and use ‘em.


Always curl your lashes before wearing mascara


Use a light colored shadow near the inner corner of your eye


Use a flesh colored liner in the water line to give the your eyes the appearance of looking big. 

The flash colored liner looks more natural on medium-dark skins and white liner works pretty well for fair skin.


Define your eye-brows well.  Keeping your eye-brows properly defined and in shape opens up the whole eye area and makes the eyes really pop.


Cover up the dark circles around the eyes well using concealer.

Asian skins : use ‘yellow color’ based concealer

Caucasian skins or someone who has cool under-tone : use ‘pink or salmon color’ based


Only lightly dust the loose powder on. Avoid too much powder in this area, otherwise you end up looking cakey.


Use concealer on both top and bottom of the eyes. As Asian (medium to darker) skin tones tend to have heavier dark circles on the eye lids as well.


On special occasions or whenever you prefer you can wear false lashes.  They make the eyes look really exotic and gorgeous (especially the individual lashes). The strip lashes are easier to apply and where the individual lashes need more practice.


And, most important always smile and be happy that makes our eyes more beautiful then any make-up techniques on earth would.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

How to wear red lips right?????

I am absolutely in love with those electrifying, strong red and magenta lips.  The best part of it is that it picks up your whole face when you don’t have time for too much makeup.  You can get away looking totally trendy in such little time. 

Not having enough time for makeup is a common problem with people in Hong Kong.  But, I’ve also seen that people in Hong Kong are more comfortable wearing lip-glosses then lip-sticks.  This is the season to be little daring, try it out galz.

This is a very classy and easy to create look. One of the basics I guess, red lips with mascara and sweep some blush over the cheekbones and you are done.  But, many of us still wonder on how to wear the red lips right. Here is the trick, try and see what works for you

Avoid :

Outlining your lips when wearing darker lip- shades.  Instead, follow your natural lip line.


Use a lip brush instead a lip pencil.  The outcome would be much natural and wearable looking lips.

Minimal eye makeup.  Just wear mascara or if you want just apply some black eyeliner on the top lashes only.  And, don’t miss the blush…it will just pull the whole look together.

Create a flawless base.

And Conceal on the sides of the lips as well for that extra sexy looking mouth.

Use a gloss over the lip-stick for that extra shine (if you like).

Or, for those who still don’t feel they have the guts to wear the Red or Magenta lip-stick as yet.  Go try a sheer lip-stick or lip-gloss in darker color then ususal.

Makeup Trends in Summer 2011

Summer is right here, so is the desire for freshness and new colors; it is the time for everyone to fancy a new look. So, what are the hot color trends during this summer ??

Let’s bring all that bright makeup out from our makeup kits or invest in some new ones we may like. Most of us have some of these colors in our makeup kits already (weather it’s been in fashion or not). Many times, most woman can’t resist buying those beautiful fresh looking colors. I personally can’t!

This summer, everyone is using strong colors like red, coral or fuchsia.  Other bright colors that everyone can use are those beautiful tropical colors : purples, plums, blues, greens mixed with gold, bronze or sandy colors. You are sure to see most of these colors on almost all cosmetic counters right now.

Here are some of MAC’s Collections during  2011.

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Link to Hong Kong MAC :